Billy Elliot

August 22, 2012

     Tonight we went to see Billy Elliot, a musical that touched on a man trying to take care of his child at a cost of a huge moral sacrifice. By the time the kids were in bed it was 11:15, to late to find a union line to cross and I didn’t think Colin would appreciate it if I woke him up ask if he’d like a kidney.
     So I set to work on cleaning the kitchen. Why do I have 4 opened and barely used c

 ontainers of marjoram? Where did the ceramic football with the word “snacks” stenciled on the side come from? How is that Katy’s carefully drawn and decorated picture of a Christmas tree can move me to tears one minute and end up in the recycling the next?
After about 45 minutes of mopping and musing I decided my children would be better served by a mom who had gotten eight hours sleep than a newly lined silverware drawer or teas in alphabetical order.
     That’s how the kitchen got so damn messy in the first place.

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