August 22, 2012

     I left my phone/ipod at home so during the dog walk I had time to think my own thoughts. Probably not a great thing, for a little while I was playing around with a poem that used the words “butterfly” and “matchstick” broken into pieces, nouns and verbs, very symbolic, Sophie didn’t like it one little bit.
     Next I pondered how quickly the month of July and the first half of August has passed. Before I had a chance to finish that thought, I was turning the key in the ignition. In an attempt to make the evening last a little longer, to put off turning into my driveway and turning my attention to tomorrow’s lunches and laundry, I watched the sun set before turning left. I stopped at the yellow light and smiled at an old man in the crosswalk.

     The old man was confused and the driver behind me was livid.
     Maybe next time I want to slow time down, I should probably do it before I get behind the wheel and put my foot on the gas.

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