Betta Fish

August 23, 2012

     I don’t know where Colin’s obsession with beta fish came from. One day he was obsessed with the NFL and NBA, the next he was going to Petco’s website and telling me about special tanks, strategies for breeding, and gory details about what happens when two males are in the same tank. 

     School is starting in less than a week. There are backpacks and bluejeans to buy. There is the beginning of football season. The return of homework. His phone needs to be turned on and his hair needs to be cut. And all he wants to talk about are fish. Betta fish.

     So today on our way home from camp, we took a field trip to Petco. There must have been hundreds of bettas, all swimming in their own plastic containers, about the size of small soup bowls. There were betta babies, betta girls, betta boys, double tailed, single tailed, every neon color that ever twinkled at  Christmastime . Some were sluggish, some were frantic, and some just looked bored. 

     Colin looked at me, his sister Katy looked at me. But I was prepared for the guilt, I’d left my wallet in the car. And now, whatever crazy obsession he has was transferred to me. I’m sitting here when I should be leafing thru circulars and weighing out the merits of binders versus folders. I’m sitting here and all I can do is think about bettas. And write about the fact I’m thinking about bettas.

     You know, it’s been a while since we’ve had salmon for dinner. 

     I don’t want to think about food, I’m getting rid of my- it’s too hot to cook, let’s just order pizza- belly. So I’ll go back to thinking about bettas. I heard they are a lot cheaper if you buy them online. Shopping for bettas must be even more relaxing, soothing and life changing than simply pondering the little fish. 

     I’ll let you know.





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