Thoughts while in Provincetown in List Form

August 24, 2012

  • I was away on vacation and I had some time to ponder since my time was spent mostly underwater searching for one more sand dollar, or wandering around the condo looking for Colin’s shoe. My thoughts often turned to one my favorite things to think about- me. I have changed in the past few years, mostly in ways no one would probably even notice. So just in case no one has noticed, I thought I’d jot them down.

a. I like coconut. Someone slipped it to me in one of those bars with the crazy names like “fiesta” or “yum yum” and when I felt the tell tale sweet shred on my tongue, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve had it since, and not all muddied up in a pina colada, and I have to say, I am a fan.

b. I am no longer the woman that shoves toddlers off the steps of the shallow end of the pool so that I can make my way into the water inch by inch. At the ocean, I don’t spend hours at the edge of the water with a bunch of four year olds I don’t know, (who obviously haven’t been given the speech about stranger danger) while I wait for my shivering flesh to get used to the water in New England. I am now a person who plonges, whole body, toes to the top of my head, into the wet and I don’t resurface until I’ve stopped trembling. Mostly. This policy is in effect July 25th thru August 30. As long as it doesn’t rain too much.

 c. My conscience has finally convinced the rest of me to not eat veal. It still working on a whole bunch of other things.
 d. When going from point a to point b, even if the two points are hours apart, I am now someone who doesn’t stop for anything. I want to beat the time on the gps. I want to call Uncle Fred and crow; “Yeah, Fred. I know you said an hour and forty, but really, it was, for me, an hour and a half, easy. Even if the sound of my daughter, sipping water, on the phone, makes me shake, I won’t stop.
When I was coming to Boston many years ago to check out schools, it took me two days to get there from New Jersey. It’s a five hour trip.
e. I am both a dog and a cat person.
Once I was a finicky amoral person who wasted precious moments on testing the water and going thru the drive thru for coffee.
Now I’ll eat anything that hasn’t been raised in cages and deprived of sunlight and I spend as much time rolling around the floor with Sophie the Wonder Pup, crooning “who loves you, baby?” as I do trying to coax Bijou inside during a tornado, waving a can of tuna in my hand and acting like I don’t care if he comes in or not.
f. I almost forgot to mention, sometimes I like country and western. Not the Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash cool kind.
Tonight, on my way home from the Cape, that song came on, by the father who is saying goodbye to his daughter at her wedding, with words like “I loved her first,” and “she belongs to you now”. It was corny, twangy, un pc. I loved it, I think I cried a little.
My judgement may have been a little clouded. I really, really had to pee.

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