Things I Need to Do Before They Return To School Tomorrow

August 28, 2012

List of What I Need to do Before Kids Go Back to School Tomorrow
List of What I Will Actually Do to Help My Kids Get Ready to Go Back to School Tomorrow
I will wake them up an hour before school starts, and explain to them, while I pour whatever cereal is least stale into a bowl, that nobody brings their backpacks, or their pencils, or their calculators, or their crayons or their summer reading assignments to the first day of school. They won’t believe me. I will then point out that I did buy chocolate cookies for their snack, and that 4 of them are left from when I watched that movie the night before. They will be a little pissed but take the cookies.
They will come home from school and tell me that EVERYONE was better prepared than they were. I will apologize and take them shopping and backpacks and pencils and calculators will all be on sale, incredibly cheap. We will use the savings to buy a summer house.
The End.

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