Guilty Pleasures

September 3, 2012

  Just after the kids finally sleep, there is that moment I realize I will not hear “mom, can you shut out my light, “, “don’t forget to wake me up 15 minutes early,” “what was that, you are watching tv without us?!”. When the stillness settles around me, I begin my life without them. And yet they are there, in those moments just after. I listen for footsteps, or doors, I don’t want to get caught by my kids doing what I do in the hours I have sent them to sleep.
     After turning the volume way down, I stumble around on the internet. If the phone rings, I answer it like I’m asleep. When I snack, I wash out the bowl and wipe counters.
      Being online, or reading a novel or sipping tea at 11:05 feels like a forbidden pleasure.
Before I had kids, I had to work so much harder for that sense- this is bad, therefore it must be-feel-taste really good. Now, all I have to is be awake after they sleep and watch something HBO.
     I’m such a dangerous girl.

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