A Very Long Day, The Basics Recorded, Please Fill in Details As Needed.

September 6, 2012

6 am wake son

7 am wake daughter

715 am wake daughter again

750 am drop daughter at school bus

800 am yoga

900 am shower

940 am first class this semester, physical evaluations and assessments

1100 am second class this semester, strength training and endurance

1 pm third class… Anatomy and Physiology, the human body will never look the same now that I’ve seen it in quadrants.

255 pm run to car so that I may

300 pm pick up daughter

330 pm go to store

430 pm pick up friend’s daughter

500  pm cook dinner

530 pm eat dinner

535 pm clean up after dinner

540 pm start conversation with kids about why they should help me clean up after dinner.

542 pm kids remember homework they have to do right away…

Etc. Etc. Etc.

It was a long, long day, and I wanted to record it all for posterity, but I’m too damn tired. So if you would like to fill in the blanks and imagine the details- the funny and/or insightful comments I made, or just how great my hair looked, go for it.

If you’re a realist, I usually have lipstick on my teeth.

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