Saturday Night Guilt, or Where is Alec Now That I Realized I Need Him?

September 9, 2012

It’s Saturday night, late. We’ve had a long day and Sophie sits at my feet right now, begging me with her eyes to head down the stairs, and slip between sheets. She knows it’s late, she can tell by the way that I sit here, at my desk, shoulders slouched, eyelids heavy, I really shouldn’t attempt this right now.

It might not go well, I might make a mistake, make a bad judgement or go for an easy out that I would regret in the morning, just to get this over with quick. But I made a promise to my mom, and a person should honor a promise made to her mom.

     I haven’t taken my turn at Words with Friends with Mom in four days, and by midnight tonight, I guaranteed I would make my moves in both of the games we are currently playing. I just know that once I start, I won’t be able to stop. After I finish with Mom, I’ll move onto Marnie, then Alyson, I’ll ask Julie and Jon if they’re up for a challenge.  If I don’t get any immediate responses, I can reach out to a random opponent, someone out there, in the night, in the world, also looking for someone to share Words with Friends, though in this case, we would have to call it Words with Strangers. I could end up in front of the screen all night long, scowling at my letters, wondering why not enough words start with x and what a qi is, wishing…
     I could pass my damn game to Alec Baldwin. I heard he quit recently, but he’s never played Sheila Templin. She’s really, really good. Sophie would be happy, I’d get enough sleep and Alec Baldwin could learn something from my mom.
     Alec, what are you up to this evening?

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