Bragging a Little and I’m Really Glad I Got Off The Sofa

September 13, 2012

I have to tell you, (I have to tell everyone, if I could afford to place huge ad in all media outlets, I would,)   after 12 years, 2 babies, way too much time on the sofa nibbling on snacks starring cheese, often accompanied by silly cocktails and/or too much wine,  I think for a while, I just too much time, I am back on track. I got offf of the sofa, went back to the gym, and tonight, I discovered  I can slide into my size 9 cocktail dress. I can do this without laying down on the floor and inhaling so deep that my belly hits my large intestine. There was no jumping up and down while clutching the zipper and cursing God, or fasting for 48 hours.

I slid into that dress like my skin was covered with that slime scuba divers wear when they have to put on one of those awful neoprin suites. Except my dress is looser than one of those neoprin suits. A little.

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