Bliss (Rated G Version)

September 15, 2012

     I just realized there is a moment in my life where I consistently achieve a state of bliss. It’s not yoga, I like yoga, but actually zumba and body pump are more my thing. And it’s not time at the park, or hiking the Blue Hills, definitely two of favorite ways to spend time. It’s not hearing just the right song on a spring day, car radio blasting, kids complaining, but the musics too loud for me to hear them- that’s fun too.

     My bliss is when I look at the laundry table and realize every single article of clothing in our home is clean, folded, and put away. Where it belongs. No stray socks on the floor, dirty napkins behind the washing machine, dusty leggings under Katy’s bed. It. is. all. where. it should. be. Deep sigh. Yup… Bliss.

     Maybe there is an anal retentive neat freak buried deep inside of me. Well, enjoy it, because this only happens once a week. Oh, who am I kidding. Twice a year. During a good year. Bliss.

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