Katy’s Birthday

October 9, 2012

Today is Katy’s 9th birthday.

It is a gloomy, cold first day back to school after a long holiday weekend kind of day. I have to go to my work/study job so there won’t be any cupcakes delivered at lunch time. When it was time to wake her up, Katy’s dad was already at work and her brother was down the the street waiting for the school bus to Middle School.

So it was just me  creeping into her room at 6:45 singing “happy birthday”. In one hand, I held first morning coffee, in the other,  a partly unwrapped parcel from her grandma and grandpa. She looked happier to see me than she usually is first thing, but I think that’s because she was still in a state of bliss over her newly pierced ears.

I know that in the years to come, hell maybe even by next month, that things won’t be so easy between us. I know that she will begin that process of separating from me by flinging insults at my head and rolling her eyes every time I say anything. I know that doors will be slammed and my name will be whispered like a curse. I know this will all be part of her establishing who she is apart from who I am, and that it might be exceptionally horrid because so far, we have been incredibly close.

So I’m going to write this right now for you, Katy, to read then. Katy, my dear, you are a rock star and a princess. You are magic, and messes, slower than syrup and sweeter than honey. . You deserve a parade and a bouncy castle and the best I can do is spaghetti for dinner and an ice cream cake from Stop and Shop.

I wish for you the best year ever. And know that even when you want to jump on my head, or wipe the smile from my face, or deny that we ever shared a snuggle or a piece of quiche, I’m not going anywhere.

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