And So I Do (A Good Day, A Good Life)

October 21, 2012

Today was big and sprawling and messy and long and damn I wish it wasn’t over. There were biscuits in the morning, with eggs and cheese, followed by football, mud, clouds, a tackle and not enough touchdowns. There was a trip to the Market for blueberry cake.

The cake was bought to share with some of my favorite people. We gathered to celebrate a huge day in the life of Jamez Terry. There were snacks, there was coffee, there were surprise guests, and really nice hugs that folded me in and made me feel cherished.

There was a hike up the red dot trail with the Pup of Wonders, and the daughter of dreams. There were leaves still shining, and underfoot, noisy and wet and smelling like rain. There was a delightful chase of a delinquent dog who decided she wasn’t ready to go home. And then she was.
There was rice and chicken for dinner. There was dancing to the Partridge Family and a conversation about Keshia, autotune and the sanctity of life. There was trip to my friend’s kitchen. We shared wine, and strange stories regarding female empowerment and strange places and netflix. Hair was cut, wine was drunk, I heard a good joke or two but I don’t remember them. The piano was played, and when it was time to go home, I knew where my keys were.
It was a big, sprawling, messy kind of day. There will be dirty laundry in the morning. I will send texts of thanks. I will offer prayers for peace and health and a continued life of joy.
I’m living inside a life of joy.
I think it’s important to write it down.
And so I did.

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