Tricks or Treats

November 2, 2012

Last night was Halloween, and we were lucky. Milton, Massachusetts wasn’t forced to cancel it like many of the other towns in our area.

Katy went dressed up as a pirate. This was her third time wearing her nautical ensemble and I am proud to say, Wednesday afternoon all pieces of her costume were intact. (I seriously doubted that the eyepatch would make it longer than a day.)

Colin is twelve. Last year was his last year trick or treating. The year before that, he made the same announcement. Last night, before donning his hat, more Indiana Jones than Freddy Krueger, he announced that this was definitely his last stroll around the streets in search of candy and quarters. He went out with a gang of friends before I even made it home from school. (This was the first time he had made the promise via text message. I will save it. Forever.)

I took Tue and Katy out, this is probably the last year I will lurk in the shadows next to a dancing dog, watching them trip up stairs. Every other house, “Don’t forget to say thank you!”

We finished at about 8, I charged the girls about 3 kit kats apiece and I don’t even want to remember how many Reeses. About fifteen minutes later, another knock on the door. Colin was there, surrounded by five or six other boys, all wearing vague costumes that relied heavily on rubber masks and sweat shirts. I held out our plastic pumpkin, offered what was left of the candy to Col and his friends.

Fifteen minutes later, Colin came rushing in. “Mom, that was so great.” “You had a good time?” I asked. I’m studying interpersonal communications at school, getting quite good at conversation. “You were the best mom we saw tonight.” “Thanks, Col-” before I could continue building on my meaningful dialogue with my son he interrupted- “You didn’t embarrass me at all.”

Oh, the glow I got. And it wasn’t from the full moon.

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