Courage (Reflection) on a Winter’s Day

November 17, 2012

This morning I spotted two deer at Cunningham park. They stood in the quiet. They turned and ran, their white tails flared like plumes or flags. Tonight I drove to pick up Colin and heard “Heart of Gold” on the radio. His voice is so hopeful and so sad. I sang along. I love when I sing along with Neil Young. He is the best of partners, makes me sound as if I can carry a tune.
In between, school and mountains of chicken thighs, (made, not consumed, well, not more than two,) swim team. Waiting for Kate to come home. We finally watched Glee, two episodes. The bed was littered with bodies and bowls- Katy, Tue, Thanh and Sophie- The Wondrous Lover of Popcorn, eating even the unpopped bits at the bottom of the bowl. True love in high school, and then the ache that everyone warns about when high school ends and some move on. I had almost forgotten about that.
Today was a little hopeful and a little bit sad. This time of year, when it grows dark early and I wake early, it takes a certain amount of courage to stop and figure out what is going on inside my heart.

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