These Dreams

November 28, 2012

Sophie The Dog is asleep and dreaming about bunnies.
Bunnies live right down the street. This afternoon, Sophie the Quick slipped out the front door and raced to backyard where they live. She promptly got herself stuck behind a woodpile.
Colin and I had to wait about twenty minutes, each stationed at either end, for her to give up her bunny quest and come home with us.
We live in a bunny free zone. All we have in the pet department these days are two cats who find her a little too enthusiastic for their taste. And a fish that only gets attention when bedtime comes and fish custody is discussed.
So Sophie sleeps a lot, and visits a world where she eats more peanut butter than Katy, and after dining, plays endlessly in fields of friendly bunnies.
You know, that sounds like a pretty nice dream.

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