The Business of Life

December 3, 2012

There a million tiny rituals that make up my day. There is dancing around the kitchen table, screaming about stray socks on the stairs, the dishes, the folding of clothes, the feeding of cats and kids, the walking of the dog, the paying of bills, the returning of books.
All of these things must be done by the end of each day so that my family and I can move forward to the next day and the day after that. Sometimes I stop to cherish an individual moment, most often I don’t. We just move forward, snapping photographs of the highlights, or the low lights. Quoting each other on Facebook. But mostly we just move forward with just a pause for sleep in the middle of it all.
This morning, I put my husband on the plane to go see his Mom. She is 92. She is starting to forget things, or she’s moving around through time like it is a swimming pool. Last week, she was getting married. Last month, she was visiting Canada. Margaret is living with my sister in law and her family in North Carolina . She is not getting married or going to Canada. She is sitting in a chair, waiting for people to call or come see her.
This morning, I drove my husband to the airport. He is, though we haven’t spoken of it, going to say goodbye.
Most of the business of life is mundane, or silly, or aggravating, or not even worth mentioning.
And then along comes a morning like this, where everything stops, and I just have to honor this woman, my husband, the life that I have and the life that I look forward to.
Travel safe, Sheldon. Come home, soon, my dear. And please give your mother a kiss from all of us.

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