Sophie The Wondrous

December 7, 2012

When I am happy, I sing. I hum. I dance around, I clean. I need to call people on the phone, track down a kid for a  “meaningful conversation”. In desperate times, I might actually venture out for a walk in hopes of finding a neighbor or an unwitting clerk fool enough to ask me how my day is going.
When Sophie is happy, she curls on the sofa and looks up at me. She sighs, a small sigh, a whisper of a breath. Her tail wags, she might shift her weight. She might not. She will place her head on a pillow, or on my leg. She sniffs my cheek, leans forward to bury her nose in my hair. Sometimes she will meet my gaze and yawn. Her tongue is pinker than any little girls bedroom. She might just close her eyes and take a breath. She doesn’t open them  back up to see if I am still watching her. She wags her tail in her sleep.

Sophie The Wonder Pup is able to experience joy without needing to dissect, express, confide, or explain it.

Yet even without the ever present human need to share our bliss, she shares hers with me- every time I sit still long enough to listen to the sounds of Sophie.


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