Bad day, but it’s turning out to be an ok night

January 9, 2013

This morning I had to borrow ten dollars from my 12 year old son for gas.

So that I could drive him to school because he missed the bus.

When we were leaving and I reached into my purse for the car keys they weren’t there.

They weren’t anywhere.

A friend of mine drove from the other side of town to give my kids a ride to school.

My keys were under a sock on the kitchen table.

I found them in time to go to work.

We had scrambled eggs for dinner, they were runny. I don’t like runny eggs but I was hungry.

But I couldn’t eat them, (probably should have waited the extra 92 seconds it would have taken for them to be reach deliciousness.)

Then I spent about twenty minutes cleaning the counters. Lately the world has seemed large for my taste and not very kind. It’s been gobbling keys, cash, and shoes more  quickly than I’m used to..  Once my surfaces sparkled I felt better. My corner of the world, a little sad sometimes and not too big, is now clean.  I even wiped down the top of the refrigerator.

Yes, I’m having a tough time lately, but this is what I learned in just the course of one bad day.

My son needs to go to bed earlier.

I should not keep socks on the kitchen table.

I have at least one very, very nice friend.

Next time I want breakfast for dinner, I should try pancakes.

And cleaning is not only necessary but quite therapeutic.

The day may not have been my best. I didn’t do anything brave, or smart, or cool.

But learned some stuff, and I paid my son back. Well, I gave him $5.

It’s a start.

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