Small World

March 20, 2013

My world has felt tiny lately. I don’t know if it’s the weather, which has been a never ending onslaught of snow and wind. Maybe it’s school this semester, I’m studying Biomechanics and Intro to  Computers. Both topics leave me a little humble, and humility is not something I’m accustomed to in the academic world. Or maybe it’s just that I feel like what I’m doing mostly right now is waiting. I’m waiting to get my degree. I’m waiting to begin a new career. I’m waiting for spring.

I’ve had a lot of time to pay attention to my children. I turn to them when things aren’t perfect in my world. My twelve year old son, is starting a new basketball team on Thursday. I get nervous about his love of sports; it is unfamiliar to me. I don’t know what makes a three point shot a three point shot, just that it’s farther away than a one point shot. He is incredibly talented and this gift of his will serve him well. Lately he has become preoccupied with his place in the world. In other words, he wants to be popular. About this I also have no clue. I was the last picked for gym class until I started high school and gym consisted of walking around the track smoking cigarettes.

When Katy is near, she is usually close to me. When we watch tv or read, some part of her leans onto some piece of me. She still throws herself into my body when I pick her up at the bus, still laughs at most of my jokes. She is nine. She is the peace keeper; when Colin and I fight, she takes me aside and explains to me that he is getting ready to be a “teenager” and that I really should give him space. When she is mad, and I do make her mad, she storms as far away from me as our tiny house allows. She tilts her head up, and her neck looks as long as a swan’s. I think she’s trying to put her nose in the air, she must have read somewhere that is appropriate behavior for little girls that have been wronged. I am thankful she doesn’t feel wronged that often, it’s a matter of time before I make the mistake of laughing as she flounces up the stairs. I didn’t even know it was possible to flounce in an upward direction until Katy figured it out.

My world is kids, animals, dirt from kids and animals, friends that know my secrets and still call me for advice, a yard that can only be described as sad, school, long walks in the woods, and respite from it all at the gym. It is a very small world, right now anyway. But it is filled up with everything that I love. Except for the dirt. And I promise that I will do something about my damn yard if the snow ever melts.

2 Responses to “Small World”

  1. jp said

    I couldn’t agree more! Although it is sunny but cold and snow is possibly on the way again waiting will solve the weather.

  2. flounce up the stairs, no pictures needed. I love coming across a word, that is almost , an explaination in it’s pronunciation.

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