I should be studying, but instead, I’ll tell you all about me.

June 3, 2013

I’ve been doing this thing, these essays about my life for a while now. Kids, pets, other peoples pets, growing up, growing old, losing people I love because of different paths, and  losing people I loved..

But for the most part I have avoided talking about a pretty important passion in my life, one that actually sent me back to school, and has me currently pulling on a neon blue tee shirt and a pair of black pants and nikes a couple a week. I am in school for Exercise Science, and I recently was hired to work  by the South Shore YMCA. I was hired  to work in the health and well-being department on the floor. Essentially, I’m a land lifeguard surveying an ocean of barbells, huge tires and thick,  long,lengths of rope, treadmills, nautilus machines, punching bags. The people I’m guarding range in ages from seven to ninety two. They are fat, or convinced they are fat They are young, and working really hard to look older.  There are athletes, and quadriplegics, and quadriplegic athletes. They are mothers and fathers with kids, there are mothers and fathers cherishing an hour without their kids. I do my best to make sure they are safe, to offer help when they ask, and sometimes when they don’t. As soon as someone enters our area,  I’m responsible for checking their feet, flip flops not allowed. I wipe down machines, and mediate disputes over the racquetball court.

This is not where I saw myself, ever. But in my early forties I took a personal inventory and realized the one consistant place I found joy, outside of a Springsteen concert, inside the arms of my children  or walking the magnificent Sophie thru the woods at Cunningham Part, was the South Shore YMCA.

I want to stress- I am not athletic At All. Not even a little bit. I have never done a cartwheel, entered a triathlon or even sustained a rally of more than forty seconds on the tennis court.

Not only do I have the coordination of an potato, but I don’t even have the body of someone whose primary passion is spending time at the gym. I have muscles, and less cellulite than most my age, but I’m not what anyone would call ripped, or even svelte. Though I am well on way of being able to do a real push up without being on knees.

But I love it. I love walking away from my daily life into a locker room. I love slipping the uniform of working out- the little socks, the reeboks, the yoga pants, sports bra, concert teeshirt. I love the moments just after I’ve worked out- the peeling sweat stained clothes off, wrapping my torso inside an oversized towel, and padding to the steam room. I love laying there, being still, being fine with being still, because I’ve just came from an hour and a half of making my muscles do what I wanted them to do. I have earned the time to sprawl and breathe inside a cloud of water.

When it comes to what I do at the gym- (when I’m not there for work)  almost all of it, the basics that is. I zumba in the dark, lift the free weights, and press the leg press. I take yoga, yoga lates, body pump, (strength training with barbells.) I bench press and do sit ups  and leg lifts on oversized beach balls. I stretch on the stretch rack, I swim laps in the pool.

So a few years ago when I found myself in need of a professional change, I realized I wanted to chance to help others find what I find inside the walls of a gym. I signed up at Quincy College for the Exercise Science Program. I’ve got one more year left.

And more than once, in the course of that year, I’ve stopped myself and thought- “What the hell are you doing?”

I’m about as scientific as I am coordinated. So I study a lot. I know that the posterior deltoid is the in the back, and that  when lifting a weight  the muscle action is eccentric, as opposed to concentric. I know that a lot of personal trainers think zumba is silly, and a lot of zumba teachers think that personal trainers are a little high on themselves. I know the correct way to lunge and squat, though I don’t really like do either I am happy to tell someone else to lunge, and squat. I am qualified to correct their form with the authority of someone who spent forty five minutes in a class room discussing lunges and squats.

So this is who I am now- a mother, dog-sitter,  creative writer, with a strong sales background, proven success as a manager, living on macaroni and cheese. My family is living on mac and cheese,  broken up occasionally pasta,  because I decided to go back to school because I really, really like going to the gym.

Sometimes I stop and wonder- What the heck was I thinking? But I don’t do that often. Between work at the Y, work at Quincy College, classes, kids, and working out, I don’t often have the luxury of wondering about much more than what my families going to eat for dinner or if I’m ever going to able to pass College Algebra.

I took the summer off from school, but for the next couple of weeks I need to study for my Ace Certification test. If I pass I get to wear a black tee shirt when I work at the Y.

I just thought I should let people know there is a little more to my life  these days than musing about my children, bragging about my dog, and fussing about getting older.

However, I’m not done with musing, bragging and fussing. Just wanted to let you know that most often when I am writing these pages, I should be studying.

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