Book Club

June 21, 2013

I love being a girl. I haven’t loved being a girl this much since I used my period to get out of gym class. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever reveled in my gender. I didn’t have bridesmaids when I got married, I’ve never had breasts that made me particularly proud, and I don’t really possess much in the way of feminine wiles. At least not when I’m sober. Or not when those I might want to practice them on are sober. Sorry, off point. Girls do that. Women do that. And it’s fine.

I went to my first book club meeting tonight. It was everything you’ve heard. There were carefully laid out snacks, the carrots on the tray were all the same size and the celery’s green perfectly matched the platter. There was lots of wine. And lots of diet coke. There were wine glasses, real glasses, and tall slim tumblers for those of us that chose diet coke.

And we didn’t spend our time talking about our kids, or “Shades of Gray”. Or why our husbands always forget to take out the trash. We talked about the book. Only two of us had read the whole thing, and one of us had read it five years ago. But we still talked about the book, and we talked about why we hadn’t had time to read the book. We talked about why we picked the book, and what we wanted to read next. We ate food, and we laughed and we had a really good time.

I like that women make plans to get together and talk about books. I like that we acknowledge that sometimes we want to learn something and sometimes we don’t, sometimes we want to just visit someplace we aren’t. I like that the conversation was easy, even though the wine was in the other room, and that the snacks were mostly healthy. I liked the brownies.

I like that I’m a grown up, I’ve lived here a long time, and a new bunch of girls invited me over to play.


3 Responses to “Book Club”

  1. stevencahalane said

    Invited to play. Such meaning, when you’re isolated from interaction, enjoy.

  2. stevencahalane said

    Really meant to say “can you come over to play? ” was such a wonderful thing to hear, when loneliness and boredom, kind of summed up the day.

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