Judgement Day

August 16, 2013

It’s been quite a while since I’ve found myself in front of the screen. I’ve had a lot of thoughts weighing me down lately.

Where are the squirrels that usually hang around the fence at Cunningham Pool?

Who is Taylor Swift going to eviscerate on her next song?

Why is that we live in a world so incredibly, utterly obsessed with judging everybody else that shares the same world?

Actually, that last statement is pretty broad. Let me narrow it down, or at least fill you in on where that’s coming from.

When my family went on a vacation, I accidentally came across a note not intended for me to see. In it, a friend of mine made a few disparaging comments about my family’s table manners.

I was wrecked. Utterly devastated. Packed our bags, left for home, unpacked at 2 in the morning, fueled with fury and pain and humiliation.

Here it is, five days later, and I’m fine.

So what, someone that loved me doesn’t like that I regard the table as a lovely place to rest my elbows? And more often than not, (and if you choose never to invite me for dinner, I will understand,) my napkin ends up on the floor eight seconds after I put it in my lap. And I don’t bother to pick it up. Because if I did, I’d probably spill something. And I would rather continue eating than go about the business of wiping stuff up.

Upon careful reflection, I realized that pretty much from the moment I wake until I’m fast asleep, I’m making judgements about everything and everyone I come into contact with.

My kids know this. As soon as I walked in the door tonight and saw my son bathed in the light of the computer, I decided he had spent the past three hours there, was probably looking at porn, and was destined to develop carpal tunnel syndrome by October and never go to college.

My favorite tv show right now is “So You Think You Can Dance’. Just the title says it all.

I am sure I’ve made snide comments about Madonna’s vocals, restaurants that have condiment bars, and the color peach.

We judge, all day, every day.

But I did realize in the course of writing this down, two pretty important things.

1.  Much of what I’m judging receives glowing reviews-

I love my children and believe they are the most amazing people on the planet.

I adore my friends, even, and especially, the one who wishes I had spent more time                  paying attention to Emily Post.

2.  And I should probably not to jump to conclusions so quickly, and reserve verdicts on things I know little about, to when I have done a little research.

FYI, my son was watching You Tube, “most stupid basketball plays 2012′.

That said, does anyone know of any squirrel diseases afflicting Eastern Massachusetts?

One Response to “Judgement Day”

  1. jimmyjames said

    disregard the nonsense and realize we are not perfect. I have spent some time with you and your family and I love your family for who you are. I am a neat freak and can not EVER hold that against you cause your not. The petty person feels they need to hold that against you. They have more problems than elbows on the table. I know who you are talking about and they need to accept you and your family and allow for kids to be kids. I want to be a messy kid!

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