I liked today a lot.

July 22, 2014

I love days where I get a taste of a little bit of all of my favorite things.

Today, I spent the morning at my job at Quincy College, talking to prospective students and exchanging information about our weekends with the lovely people I work with. I spent the afternoon tending to my kids, picking them up and sending them off and hearing their tales about camp and basketball. A class at the Y where I worked so hard halfway thru it looked like I had just stepped out of the shower. A swim at the town pool with my daughter, a turkey caesar salad with my son, a walk with Sophie the Most Forgiving of All Dogs and Creatures, listening to Ryan Adams and playing along on the flute my mom bought for a thousand years ago and now here I am, putting it all down, or I guess, putting it out there…

Actually I don’t remember a day that I successfully juggled work, and kids, and working out, and downtime, and dog time and topped it all off a little bit of warbling on my instrument and a little bit of rambling on the keyboard.

Damn, I hope I can pull it off again tomorrow. I liked today a lot.

I just have to figure out how to fit in lunch with a friend and putting away the damn laundry.

I’m too tired right now to think about laundry.

Oh yeah, I have kids that rely on me for trips the yogurt bar and fancy sneakers-

Guys… who wants to fold and who wants to stack and who wants to bring mom some ice water?

2 Responses to “I liked today a lot.”

  1. metalmmom said

    You have an interesting way of relating a snippet or collection of moments. I love reading your descriptions and thoughts. I use your writing as a standard, an example of good writing because it’s good reading. Of course it seems like an art to me that one really can’t learn but can recognize. Keep up the good stuff. Deb

  2. Oh, Deb. Thank you so much. I wasn’t sure if I should post since it seems more like a journal entry than a creative endeavor.
    How are you doing? What’s up in your world?
    I don’t have your number anymore, give me a call anytime at 617 832 5055 and certainly if you are coming to boston area.
    Thanks again.

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