What I’ll Remember

September 27, 2014

This morning, I visited Quincy College’s Plymouth campus in a building that used to function as a factory to produce rope and twine. My boss took me to lunch. I worked with a student to find her financial aid, her dad is a disabled vet and her mom was just laid off. I helped my daughter Katy pack for a sleepover, and shopped for the makings of caesar salad to serve 25 for Colin’s pre football game pasta party. I found the pasta party, after a slight skirmish with my GPS, and was rewarded with wine, cheese, cookies and conversation.

And this is what I think I’ll remember ten years from now about today.

When Colin and I got home, about ten oclock, we took Sophie the Patient and Wonderful Queen of All Dogs and Dobbie, the Sweetest, (a four month old puppy belonging to my friend Rebecca Allan Mitchell,) to the island right next to the gas towers to run.

It’s an island, so it’s a pretty safe place to let dogs go off leash, and it’s well lit, so as long as they stay on the island, it’s easy to find them on even the darkest of nights.

I thought it would be a good time to spend with my son. On an island, in the dark. Far, far away from the square, and the friends walking by, and the game.

We’d watch the dogs, we’d listen to the water, we’d talk.

He sat on a bench and listened to dub step. I ventured over to the other side of the island in hopes he would follow.

The dogs did.

It was a beautiful September night. The dogs tripped and rolled and leapt in the moonlight. There was no one else there on the island, just the peace and quiet, the waves and wind-
I hope I remember the dogs and the stillness of late September 9:30 pm Friday night on an island just outside Boston Harbor.

Colin sat on the bench and listened to dub step.

And on the ride home, I pretended like I didn’t care that
He sat on the bench and stared at his phone.

But when we got home, and he insisted he play me the song, I felt a little bit better.

One Response to “What I’ll Remember”

  1. Never an easy time of life, but it sounds like you’re navigating it as well as possible …!

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