Preoccupied by the strawberry moon and circumstances mostly beyond my control.

July 21, 2016

My son is up to no good- it is 1130 at night, it is cool and his air conditioning is set on high cool, his room reeks of bad choices  and burnt sugar candles,

 it’s the night before he has to be at camp in the morning as a cit for community service

For other bad choices he made months ago-

There is a strawberry moon in the sky,  everyone’s posting about on the  pages of Facebook.

Under that strawberry moon,  Five minutes from now a woman will let her cat out, that cat will get hit by a car, or gobble a bird. Bad choice, I think, depending on the outcome, the cat may or may not agree.

There is a family sneaking over the border. There is a guard that drank gallons of coffee with dinner and just watched the Republican convention,

His gun is heavy but it might feel light after tonight.

There is a woman that just started to watch Game of Thrones;  she has an early morning presentation, she will be so late they’ll start without her.

There is a girl who is slipping out of bed to go downstairs to sleep with the dog. She will wake with a stiff neck, her pajamas will reek of dog drool.

She’ll slip into bed with her mother first thing in the morning.

Her mother will rub her daughter’s neck and they’ll both sleep in for the first time since ever.

(Sleeping in is never a bad choice, in my poem.)

Bad choices are made every night,

Every second.

Of course, bad is relative,

Night is seven to some,

Mistakes are made in daylight hours, lots of them, millions of them inside every second-

Some of no consequence,

Some with tragic result.

But I’m writing this knowing my baby 16 year old idiot is on the verge of having a party while I sleep, undisturbed, because he doesn’t know me as well as he thinks he does.

I’m awake.

It’s his choice to make,

Under this over ripe strawberry moon that has Facebook junkies fluttering outside their screen doors to snap a shot and share.

I’m too tired to share anything, or stop much, except what I can by

staying awake.

I can take notes.  I can think about others far away from my corner

of the world and wish them safe travels.

I won’t sleep well.

Tomorrow, I think I will spend my time a bit more concerned about getting a little more exercise, being kinder to my children’s father, and not smoking at lunch.

Tonight, I am distracted by everyone else.



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